About us

Here at Tempting Nutrition, we attempt to bring the farmer's fresh produce directly to the consumer. Based out of the state of Bihar, the agricultural heaven, we have a goal to make the crops of India global. We aim to source nature's most powerful and nutrient dense foods to support your health and well-being. We recognize the power of nature and the role it plays in our physical as well as mental health. Thus, we aim to always use business as a force of good, to play a pertinent role in providing foods that encourage a shift towards a more sustainable and healthier diet.

Our Vision

“Ensure that you are never short of nutritional foods to support a healthy lifestyle " We believe it is time to look for a healthier lifestyle, mainly through the things we drink and eat. It has long been shown that most of the widespread diseases nowadays are due to four factors: food, pollution, lack of physical exercise and stress. We want to bring nutritional foods to you at prices you can afford. We strive to deliver uncompromising-quality nutrition through our products to everyone through education & affordability.

Our Products

Tempting Nutrition brings premium quality handpicked Makhanas. It's as if you are taking it from the farmers. Direct from the ponds to your plate.

Ginni Gold Makhana